About the course

Writing a Scientific Paper

Are you a writer in the life sciences and looking for writing support? My course Writing a Scientific Paper teaches you how to produce a clear and reader-focused paper. The course comes in various arrangements. Make your choice:

  • Are you a PhD candidate connected to the Graduate School of Life Sciences of the Utrecht University, the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Ziekenhuis  / NKI, or Amsterdam UMC? These institutes offer my classroom course and/or online program for free.
  • Otherwise, you can enroll individually or together with one or more peers in the online trajectory of 7 modules. Read more about the possibilities and pricing here.
  • Are you stuck in your writing process and need a quick fix? Take the Free Module on the Writing Process at my.paperdoctor.online to overcome your writer’s block and learn how to write by taking tiny steps. Send me a request for login credentials and you are off!
  • Are you just looking for advice on a specific topic or part of your paper? Visit the Course Materials or Videos on this website.
  • Not sure what to pick? Contact me (Annemarie): 06 22 499 397 or am.zeeuw@gmail.com.

Download the course description here: Writing a Scientific Paper Program.

Recent quotes from participants:

This was the most informative and helpful course that I followed, ever. It was structured very smoothly, starting at the basis of writing and ending specifically. It was nice to write about your own research. The fact that I was able to apply most of the content directly, was perfect to me.

This course directly improved the quality of my papers and research proposals.

My knowledge of how to write has improved and I got useful tools that I can use when writing and even to use on how to get feedback from others.