About the course

Writing a Scientific Paper

for PhD students in the Life Sciences

For PhD’s from the Graduate School of Life Sciences of the Utrecht University, my course runs online regularly (duration 7 weeks, 12 participants) and in the classroom (duration 5 weeks, 12 participants).

Sign up for classroom and online courses  GSLS Course Centre Agenda.  (Online courses are fully booked until the end of 2019. New dates for 2020 will be posted soon.)

You can also sign up individually: www.writingcourse.nl

This summer, I worked hard to launch an independent online version!  In October, the first edition runs for Amsterdam UMC for a group of 15 students. 

You can start your own trajectory at any moment, individually or together with one or more peers. Interested? Send me a message: am.zeeuw@gmail.com  (Annemarie). 

Read more about the course here: Course-Description-Writing-a-Scientific-Paper