About the course

Are you a Ph.D. student and in need of writing support? Consider signing up for one of the Writing a Scientific Paper Courses to which this site is dedicated.

If you have not started writing yet, this course is the perfect preparation. If you do have, take advantage of the several ways to receive feedback and input to improve the structure and style of your drafts.

The course runs online regularly (duration 7 weeks, 12 participants) and in the classroom (duration 6 weeks, 12 participants). Both courses offer personal feedback and support from teacher and peers. Need more information? Mail to: Annemarie van der Zeeuw (info@focusoptekst.nl).

Online courses are fully booked until June. Next starting date is July 8. To participate, you can sign up via Online Course Scientific Writing.

Next starting date of the classroom course is June 7. Sign up via Classroom Course Scientific Writing.

No time to participate but struggling with some specific issues? Search for relevant content on the Course Materials page, or contact me: info@focustoptekst.nl (Annemarie).

Individual routes
Are you looking for a trajectory that is tailored to your personal needs? Do you need professional feedback on your paper?  An individual route may be the best solution for you:

  • Online lessons and small writing exercises
  • Individual sessions with teacher to monitor your writing process
  • Linguistic feedback in three stages (outline, rough draft, final draft)
  • A detailed manual that will accelerate your writing process
  • Group sessions to receive feedback from teacher and peers

More information: info@focusoptekst.nl (Annemarie).